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Six Burst Pipe Insurance Claim Tips & How to Handle Them

Don’t Let The Insurance Carrier Take Advantage Of You!

The below tips are often given to Voss Law Firm clients to help in their Burst Pipe Insurance Claim claim in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, as well as other Texas cities:

Step 1) Call Your Insurance Company and Get a Claim Number

You need to move fast when handling a burst pipe insurance claim in Texas. Under the law, you must notify your insurance company of your pipe burst timely. When you contact your insurance company and explain the situation, then they will typically recommend several local water damage remediation and restoration company - do not use their recommendation! These companies are often in bed with your insurance company and are not out for your best interest, regardless of what they tell you!

Step 2) Get Your Particular Situation Mitigated Asap

You do need to mitigate your damages immediately. This means taking all measures to prevent further damage. Typically, the flood damage or water damage remediation company we refer you to will take over damage control. 

Step 3) Contact The Voss Law Firm for a Referral to a Reputable Mitigation Company

Contacting The Voss Law Firm is often the best course of action as we will interpret your insurance policy and find all the appropriate coverage for your specific situation. Our experts will assess the damage, then they will provide an estimate for a burst pipe repair. Water damage claims shouldn’t be a headache.

Mitigation companies are not able to fight your insurance company for full coverages allowed by your policy. This must be done by a lawyer. Only a licensed attorney can negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf, fighting for every penny owed to you under the terms of your insurance policy.

Step 4) Begin the Remediation Process While The Voss Law Firm Handles Your Claim

At this point, the restoration company can begin restoring your property to its pre-loss condition, cutting out mold-damaged walls and fixing your burst plumbing. We will start negotiating with your insurance company to get you paid quickly. We will make sure you receive every single penny you are owed so you can get your life back in order. Damage to your home already is distressing, so you want to make sure your home insurance supports you in a time of need.

Step 5) We Will Finalize Your Insurance Claim and Get You Your Money

Under Texas law, your insurance company is required to pay you for the cost of restoring your property to pre-loss condition as long as it is covered in your insurance policy - be careful here! Insurance companies will tell you that you are not covered - when you really are! We will meet your insurance claims adjuster on-site so you don’t get taken advantage of. You’ve been through enough - the last thing you need is dealing with an unscrupulous insurance adjuster. We will make sure your insurance company covers all damage legitimately caused by your burst pipe.

Step 6) We Will Maximize Your Insurance Claim

It is probably no surprise that insurance companies offer low initial offers hoping you will avoid negotiations. Your insurance company often thinks you are not going to ask for additional coverage or negotiate the claim. This is where we come in to help - we are often told we are worth our weight in gold. 

The Voss Law Firm will maximize your insurance claim payout and secure the highest possible settlement for you. We are well respected in the insurance industry allowing our relationships to guide all to a successful recovery.

Additional Important Advice for Handling Your Burst Pipe Insurance Claim in Texas

As mentioned above, insurance companies have a tendency to drag their feet. Here are some tips for maximizing your insurance payout with a burst pipe claim in Texas working hand-in-hand with The Voss Law Firm:

• From the Beginning - Document Everything: Keep a diary and take a ton of pictures!The more photos you take, the better. Compile a list of all damaged inventory and the approximate values. Take photos of all water-damaged items. The more pictures the better. Log everything in your claims diary.

Let The Voss Law Firm Negotiate: Never accept the quote from your insurance company! The first offer is often very low! We will make sure you receive fair value for your burst pipe damaged items. Even after you accept a quote and receive a check from the insurance company, we can still go back and re-negotiate.

We Will Maximize All of Your Coverage: Property insurance coverage doesn’t just cover the cost of repairing your property to pre-loss condition. Under Texas law, it can also cover things like meals, transportation, and lodging reimbursement when your property is in unlivable condition. 

In the insurance industry, these are called additional living expenses, or ALE. A burst pipe problem may force you to move to a hotel for a week. You may need to dine out for meals. Keep track of all expenses during this period.
Water damage from a burst pipe in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Dallas or other Texas areas are the most filed claims with an insurance company at the moment.
Get your claim number asap and call The Voss Law Firm to guide you through the process without getting taken advantage of. When a pipe bursts in your property, follow the suggestions above to ensure you manage your insurance claim efficiently while we secure the maximum possible compensation from your insurance company.


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Richard Myers 02/20/2021 05:54 AM
Need names of contractors to share with individuals.
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Jason S Moore 02/22/2021 02:50 PM
I had a number of issues related to the freeze & power outage recently in the Dallas (Plano) TX area: 1) busted pipe in attic 2) ceiling and floor damage 3) busted dishwasher 4) non-functioning pool pump, 5) pool deck and tile damage
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John Blathe 02/22/2021 03:21 PM
Outstanding article - thank you for sharing these tips...I will be in touch soon.
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