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When Winter's Thaws Out, It's the Perfect Time for Some Home Maintance

Gutter Spring Maintenance to avoid damage

Spring is right around the corner. With the warmer days, comes more outdoor activities and spring cleaning. In addition to cleaning, spring is also the perfect time to check your home and business for any potential safety hazards. Follow these spring time maintenance tips for keeping your property in shape.

1. Test Air Conditioning Units - Don't wait until it is summer to realize that your air unit is not adequately functioning or has failed. Change the filters and clean the system in order to prevent it from failing. Hire a qualified heating and cooling contractor to ensure everything is working to its maximum efficiency.

2. Remove Dead Trees - Trees that have died over the winter pose a serious safety hazard. They can fall on people or buildings from just a simple wind gust. They also disintegrate the health of your lawn and pose a fire hazard. If you have any dead branches, it is better to remove them immediately, especially if they are above power lines or surrounding populations of people.

3. Check Your Gutters - It rains a lot in the spring time, so make sure that your gutters are able to properly direct water away from the roof's foundation. If possible, install gutter guards to prevent your gutters from clogging during excessive raining.

4. Seal Doors/Windows - During the winter, especially a windy one, many windows and doors slowly unseal. This can bring in a draft during the spring. Re-caulk your windows and doors until they are re-sealed. Sealing doors and windows also keep more water out during a flood.

5. Inspect Pipes - The cold during the winter have a tendency to cause pipes to leak and burst. This can lead to high water bill, mold and other types of damage. Water damage can equal a huge insurance claim, so be sure to keep this tip in mind.

After you have inspected and maintained your home or business, make sure to take a detailed inventory of your belongings. Why? Because creating and keeping an inventory will help in settling future insurance claims quicker. It will also give you an idea of what type of insurance and property coverage you need.

We at the Voss Law Firm help those that have been denied by their insurance providers receive the money they deserve following a disaster. For more information, please contact us.

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