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Just as friends, family members, married couples and other people in relationships have arguments from time to time, business partners in Texas also have disputes that arise over company matters, such as employment issues or the direction the company is headed. When these matters arise, they can seriously affect the production of business until the issue is resolved.

This is why commercial litigation in Texas is often necessary for business owners to reach a compromise. Sometimes the matter is not between business partners but an issue outside of the company with a vendor, ex employee or another company who stole the company’s trade secrets or clients. 

When employees who have been trained by the company, have the client lists, know the company’s trade secrets and marketing tactics leave the company to work for a direct competitor, companies can file a business litigation lawsuit against that individual. Additionally, a company may even be able to bring a lawsuit against the other company who hired that employee just to get access to their confidential information.
When the opposing parties meet in court they should be aware of these business litigation lawsuit stages, including:
  • Filing a complaint – the complaint is the document that addresses what happened and accuses the other party of wrongdoing. The defendant will get a notice served to them stating that they are being sued.
  • Discovery phase – both parties will have to share with one another any documents they have against the other party so that each side can learn what the other has in the way of evidence.
  • Trial or settlement – both parties may want to settle outside of court or take the matter all the way to trial.

Because of the complexity of commercial litigation lawsuits, businesses need to consult with an experienced Texas business litigation lawyerfor help. If you would like to discuss your case in a free consultation, call the Voss Law Firm at (866) 276-6179 today.
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