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State Farm Claims Handling Process in Texas - State Farm Caught Red Handed

How many State Farm commercials have you seen recently.  If you’re like me, you probably see at least a dozen a night - and I don’t even really watch TV.  It’s no doubt State Farm Insurance Company is spending a HUGE amount of your premium dollars on their ads trying to convince America they’re the good guy…yeah, right.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently conducted an excellent investigative piece about the insurance claims handling process of State Farm Insurance Company. The results of the investigative piece boiled down to was this: State Farm Insurance uses the “Three D” approach - “Deny, Delay, and Defend,” especially in Texas it seems.

It is not a huge surprise the investigation of State Farm Insurance resulted in State Farm fighting back as hard as possible against people making insurance claims.  It appears the process of discriminating against policyholders significantly increased profit margins.

Insurance claim victims often got to the point of desperation - exactly where State Farm wanted them.  Policyholders often feel discouraged and overwhelmed. State Farm has been exposed for making it so hard to pursue fair compensation that many people give up the fight and just settle for the low offers.
State Farm (and other insurance companies) admitted to using “hardball” tactics to fight insurance claims. In law, this is called an “admission by party opponent.” It is our opinion, many innocent victims end up in financial ruin.  

I cannot keep count of the number of times I’ve represented a policyholder victim making a claim against State Farm who has expressed shock at the way the claims process was being handled by their carrier.  They often tell me how many years they have paid their premiums on time and for this way of treatment by their carrier was unconscionable.

Sorry Jake from State Farm - we're not buying it.

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