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Steps to Minimize Damages During Severe Weather Events

Much of the nation experiences severe weather such as floods, tornadoes, wind storms, wildfires, and more. Now with spring here and summer on the horizon, weather conditions are unpredictable and can quickly develop into disastrous weather events in any part of the nation.


If people know how to prepare before a severe weather event strikes and know how to respond after a natural disaster, they can reduce safety risks and minimize property damages. To make sure you and your family are prepared for severe weather, take these steps:

  • Review your insurance policy to make sure you have enough insurance coverage.
  • Remove obstacles outside that could be thrown about in windstorms.
  • Cut back bushes and branches next to your home’s windows.
  • Create an emergency evacuation plan, including knowing where your closest shelter is, and share it with your family members.
  • Have an emergency kit with water, food, flashlights, batteries, and a NOAA Weather Radio to keep up-to-date with evacuation warnings during severe weather.
  • Keep insurance policies and personal important documents in a waterproof container that is easily accessible along with your emergency supplies in case you need to grab them fast.

The nation is already experiencing the worst drought in over 50 years, heat waves, and extreme weather. Unfortunately, due to global warming, there is the possibility of more frequent severe weather events in the near future, which is why it is critical that you take the above tips seriously.


Even if you have taken the above steps, you may still have suffered property damages in a storm. If you are already dealing with a residential insurance claim and need the help of a qualified insurance litigation lawyer, call the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 today for a complimentary case consultation.

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