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This week we discussed what you can do to protect your church from damage during snowstorms, ice storms, and extreme cold snaps. But what should you do if you can’t prevent your church or building of worship from the ravages of winter? Here are five tips:

  • Read your insurance policies. What does your church insurance cover? Does your church also have business interruption insurance? Is the damage serious enough to file a claim and possibly affect your premium?
  • Alert your insurance company. You will want to file a claim quickly and meet with an adjuster as soon as possible. Especially if the storm caused a significant amount of damage in your area, speaking with your insurance company as soon as possible will only help your situation.
  • Record evidence. Take pictures of the damage and an inventory of any property that suffered. Keep track of anything that you buy to mitigate damage or prevent further damage as well as any costs related to the event.
  • Only make vital changes to the area. Although it is a good idea to prevent further damage (for example, by covering a hole in the roof with a tarp), resist making repairs or throwing away damaged items until after the insurance adjuster looks at your property.
  • Fight for what you are contractually owed. If the insurance company wrongfully delays, denies, or underestimates your claim, don’t accept no for an answer. Under the law, you deserve the coverage outlined in your policy.

Following these tips may help you get the insurance money that your church needs and deserve – and help make certain that your church’s doors are opened again as soon as possible after winter damage.

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