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Steps to Take if Insurance Company Ignores Your Residential Roof Claim

If your home suffered hail damage, wind damage, tornado damage or hurricane damage, you probably need a new roof or necessary roof repairs. After discovering roof damage, you may have filed a roof damage claim with your insurance company, but what if your insurance company is not processing your claim?

There is nothing worse than being ignored. So, what do you do if your insurance company is choosing to avoid or ignore your residential property claim? Don't just sit back and wait on them. You have rights to receive fast and fair compensation for your residential property claim.

During this claim process, it is important that you do the following:
  • Get an estimate of the damages.
  • Write down the date that you filed your claim with your insurance company.
  • Keep copies of your claim and any papers submitted.
  • Make notes of when you have called and whom you have talked to at the insurance company.
  • Check your state laws about the timeframe in which homeowners' insurance companies have to respond to residential claims.

If, after making repeated calls to your insurance company, you are not getting the appropriate response or are not happy with the timeframe of the claim, then you need to let them know that you are unhappy with the length of the time that your claim is taking. You can ask to speak with someone in charge and mention that you are aware of your rights to receive a claim review within a reasonable time frame, and that you may have a bad faith insurance claim against them.

If you are still not getting anywhere with your insurance company, you may need to hire a residential insurance claim lawyer to get the results that you deserve. Call an experienced Texas insurance litigation lawyer at the Voss Law Firm today 888-614-7730 to receive a free legal consultation.

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