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Storm Damages Forever Change the Face of Beautiful Churches

Churches often have to make difficult choices after severe storm damage, and some of those choices could alter the familiar “face” of their buildings forever. When making costly repairs, it isn’t always possible to replace:

  • Unique architectural features. Church buildings often feature detailed and elaborate architecture, and damage to these iconic features is often the most obvious loss after severe weather. Financial limitations often prevent churches from being able to repair or replace these unique features. For example, the church may have to make the choice to demolish a damaged steeple and replace it with a standard roof.    
  • Precious artworks. Elaborate stained glass windows, antique furniture, significant religious icons, and other precious features can be damaged in severe weather, and many of these items are irreplaceable—both literally and in the minds of your congregation. 
  • Valuable or irreplaceable building materials. Marble flooring, hand-cut stone, historic roofing materials, and other unique building materials can make recovery after a storm very difficult for some churches, and negotiating the insurance claims can be complex.

Although it seems impossible to place a price on the building that houses and helps to inspire your congregation, don’t let insurance claims for storm damage get away from you and limit your choices for moving forward. Our team can help you assess, stabilize, and recover after severe weather damage, and we’re standing by to assist you.

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