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Strong Winds Cause Thousands of Dollars of Damage at Big Mineral Resort, Marina, and Campground

Severe storms and high winds put a damper on the official start of boating season in some part of Texas, as straight-line winds pummeled a popular marina and resort just before the start of Memorial Day Weekend. The storms swept over Grayson County on the night of May 19, affecting Big Mineral Resort, Marina, and Campground in the Sadler and Gordonville areas. Individual boat owners were devastated by their losses and reported that the winds left boats twisted, displaced, stripped of their decks, and seriously damaged. The marina also suffered extensive damages to its boats and property.

The high winds in the storms were followed by flooding in the area, and the resort’s campground remained closed over the weekend. The owners of the marina reported that wind and flooding caused damage to dock awnings, boats, the marina’s store and office buildings, and other features. At this time, the owners estimate damages to the marina and grounds at around $500,000, but a true estimation of the damages sustained won’t be available until the flood waters go down and recovery can continue.

Straight-Line Winds Can Cause Tornado-Like Damage

Although many residents believed the wind damage was caused by a tornado, reports indicate that straight-line winds were to blame instead. While the extreme damage from these high winds can be shocking, it’s a sobering reminder that tornadoes aren’t the only concern in severe storms. These powerful thunderstorm winds can reach speeds up to 100 mph—or even more—and leave tornado-like paths of destruction across an entire region. Boats, campgrounds, mobile homes, and marinas can be especially vulnerable in these conditions, and the damages are often very costly.

Additionally, storms that produce straight-line winds may also dump rain and hail on a region. In this case, severe flooding is getting in the way of recovery from the wind damages, and the combination of damages can create highly complicated insurance claims for policyholders who really just want to get their boats and businesses back into the action of a summer on the water.

Do You Need Help With an Insurance Claim for Boat or Marine Windstorm Damages?

Is your boat or marine business missing out on the height of the season due to storm damage and a difficult insurance recovery? Our experienced policyholder attorneys can help with difficult, denied, and underpaid claims for boaters and marine owners, and we’re only a phone call away at 1-888-614-7730.


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