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Strong Tornado Damages Church in Texas

Damage to businesses, schools, or churches can occur suddenly and sometimes without much warning. Most people are concerned with their own homes, but rarely give thought to the commercial businesses that affect the community until damage occurs to their school, their grocery store, or their church.

In Texas, a strong tornado damaged a well-known church known as Dr. Lawrence Kennedy's landmark North Church. This Carrollton, Texas church and school sustained serious damage to its classrooms, sanctuary, offices, and multi-media production television studio. The tornado actually peeled part of the roof back, allowing heavy rains to pour into the sanctuary and the high winds to rip through the building - damaging the outside and inside of the building.

This Texas tornado caused electrical and gas lines to be tangled and exposed. The winds were so strong that the tornado even picked up the air conditioning units that were mounted to the roof and dropped them onto the curb, damaging them and the curbs.

When a church or other business undergoes this much damage, the building becomes unusable and oftentimes needs to be rebuilt. Your church or company may find itself in an uphill battle with the insurance company, as insurance adjusters are trained to settle claims for as little as possible.

A business should turn to professionals who understand Texas commercial property damage claim settlement requirements and have the skills to get you what your claim is worth. Your company may have a wind claim, water damage claim, tornado claim, or other claim that an insurance company may deny or settle for less than a fair value because they think they can get away with it and save their company money. This is why it is important to hire a Texas insurance claim lawyer to litigate on your behalf.

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