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Wildfires, sparked from lightning strikes during summer storms, have blazed around the west including:

  • In Northern California, the Chips Fire in Plums National Forest is threatening over 900 homes and is being fought by 1,000 firefighters, and another fire north of Sacramento is threatening over 3,000 homes and has currently burned seven homes.
  • In Idaho, 1,126 firefighters are battling the Trinity Ridge Fire that has burned 90,000 acres in over two weeks. The fire is threatening the town’s 500 homes and cabins.
  • In Washington State, the Taylor Bridge Wildfire near the town of Cle Elum has been burning for seven days and has cost an estimated $6.4 billion to fight. Over 23,225 acres have burned, destroying an estimated 48 residential homes and 15 other structures; however, more homes still remain threatened. 

When homeowners can’t do anything to save their homes from wildfires, they will have to file a fire insurance claim to start rebuilding their homes and get their lives in order so they can move forward. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes make it difficult for homeowners to collect what they are entitled to.

 If your life is turned upside down by a fire, you need to remember that in the eyes of the insurer you changed from someone paying your insurance premiums to being a liability. This is because you need to be paid out on a residential insurance claim. Insurance companies do not make money by paying out on claims; they make money by paying less than what your claim is really worth.

 If you need help filing a fire insurance claim in Texas or anywhere else, or fighting the insurance company to get what you deserve, call our skilled Texas insurance litigation lawyers at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 today.

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