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After a severe storm or hurricane wreaks havoc on your home, you may be facing an uphill battle. Dealing with the insurance company is never easy, especially when you don’t have an itemized list documenting your personal property loss. Many people do not take the time to document their personal property because it can consume a lot of their time; however, when something like this happens, it can take an even bigger amount of time to recreate your personal property loss. 

If you haven’t documented all the contents of your home prior to this storm and do not know the value of your personal property, do not fear. Although it will take more time and energy, there are ways and other techniques that can help you recall your personal property loss. 

You can go into a store to register for your lost items. Walk up and down each aisle looking for items you owned and are now missing. You can then use scanning technology to help create an itemized list of products with prices. When you scan the UPC code, the item will appear in your registry. At the end, you will have a complete list of your personal property inventory and costs associated with each item. 

Additionally, there are spreadsheets on the Internet that you can find that will list thousands of the most common household items and their approximate dollar values. Attorneys also have great resources to help you recall your lost personal items and obtain values for such items. You can also look up each item you have lost on the Internet and print off the description and price.

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