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Although Hurricane Ike struck in September of 2008, over three years later, many policyholders are still battling with their insurers over hurricane-related insurance claims. In fact, there have been several suits filed in Jefferson County Courts recently, even class action lawsuits against some insurance companies. 

Some of these lawsuits claim the following:
  • Beaumont homeowners allege that Texas Windstorm Insurance Association denied their water claim and roof damage claim that occurred in the storm.
  • Two Jefferson County residents have filed a class action suit against their insurer, alleging that a policy provision that prohibits suits over two years after a disaster should be rendered void.
  • Another Beaumont resident claims his insurance company has refused to adequately pay for his home’s damages after Hurricane Ike, and is suing for breach of contract and more.

There is no denying that Hurricane Ike caused massive damage on September 13, 2008 to many policyholders, and many were not paid fairly, as insurance companies severely undervalued claims. Some of these claims were dragged on for years because insurance companies did not adequately pay for the damages, and customers continued to complain that the settlement was insufficient. 

If you are dealing with a Texas homeowner’s insurance claim, sometimes lawsuits are the only thing that will get your insurance company’s attention and make them know you are serious and that you are not going away. Talk with an experienced Texas insurance claim lawyer at the Voss Law Firm for help with your property damage claim in order to get the compensation you deserve. 

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