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Due to several years and months of unpredictable weather patterns, record breaking numbers of tornado damage claims and other expensive insurance claims that cost insurers billions in losses, insurance companies are cutting coverage, raising rates and having homeowners pay for more expenses and take on more of the liability. 

Insurance companies are looking for ways to shift some of the financial responsibility for tornadoes, hurricanes, and other Acts of God onto the homeowner, decreasing their financial responsibility. 

If you have a legitimate Texas homeowner’s insurance claim, and the insurance company is not giving you a fair offer or has denied your claim, follow these five tips:
  1. Ask them to explain their reasoning. Don’t let them use hard-to-understand insurance policy language or legal jargon. Ask them to explain to you their reasoning so that you can understand it.
  2. Never sign a document just because the insurance company asks you to. Find out what you are signing and ask questions. If the paperwork or check reads “settlement,” do not sign it.
  3. Take detailed notes from your conversations with the insurance company. Keep a journal and log every conversation, who you spoke with and what you spoke about.
  4. Ask for proof if they are denying your claim. They have the burden to prove that your policy does not cover what they are saying.
  5. Get legal advice. If you feel like the insurance company is giving you an offer that is too low or is denying your claim, talk with an insurance claim attorney.
Insurance companies have obligations to their policyholders. If your insurance company is lowballing you or has denied your claim unfairly, please call a Texas insurance claim lawyer at the Voss Law Firm for help and a free consultation today at 888-614-7730. Also, request your free copy of our book Disputes With Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know. 
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