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Texas Steers Clear of Weekend Winter Blockbuster







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Northeast cities better stock up and buckle down this weekend. According to, “Confidence is growing that a winter storm with the intensity of a hurricane, snow measured in feet and blizzard-like conditions will impact major Northeast cities this weekend.” Meteorologist of the network says, “The models continue to show a nor’easter with blockbuster potential for the weekend, mainly late Friday through Saturday.”


The heavier parts of snow are expected to fall in the New England area, according to the Weather Prediction Center. It is still unknown exactly how much snow will pile up and how harsh winds will get. It is undetermined if snow will be heavy along the Eastern Coast from New York City to D.C.



According to, “The National Weather Service in Boston on Wednesday afternoon issued a winter storm watch for eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, from Friday night until Saturday evening. Expected snowfall ranges from 8-16 inches, with wind gusts up to 60 mph.”



“Uncertainty in the forecast is pretty common more than 48 hours before a storm even has formed, as the Boston National Weather Service office noted Wednesday on Twitter,” per As more intel comes in as the storm draws nearer, it will be easier to predict exactly where the storm will be hitting.



The strengthening of the storm is predicted on both the American Model and the European Model, however, the American Model shows less snow. The outcome for Washington, D.C. to Boston differs in each. Blizzard conditions and coastal flooding are possible outcomes.


For everyone in these areas, be prepared! Stay updated with your local weather and news channel and always have more than one emergency plan.




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