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The Top Three Tips For Reporting Storm Damage After Hurricane Sandy Outlined By Hurricane Insurance Claim Attorney Bill Voss

As the East Coast starts cleaning up from Hurricane Sandy, now is the time to file insurance claims, report storm damage and start the process of rebuilding. Most of the big insurers have mobilized large crews of claims adjusters to help process claims quickly, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have a trouble-free claims process. Here are the top three things you need to know about reporting storm damage after Hurricane Sandy and dealing with your insurer:

1. Inventory Damaged Items and Document Damage

Inventory damaged items right away after returning to your home. If a part of your house was damaged, or you lost items in a flood, you’ll need to provide a thorough inventory of what those items were. You’ll need make and model of any damaged items, and some insurers will also ask for serial numbers. We’ve got an upcoming article that goes in depth about the inventory process. Document any damage to your home thoroughly, including photos.

2. Make Only Temporary Repairs

This is key - don’t make permanent repairs to your home until you’ve spoken with the insurer. Make only temporary repairs to try to prevent the problem from getting worse. Do get estimates from contractors about the full extent of the repairs you need so you know what number you’re looking for from the insurer.

3. Contact Your Insurer Right Away—and Be Prepared to Negotiate

Don’t delay in contacting your insurer. File a claim right away - the sooner you file, the sooner you can resolve your problems and make the repairs you need. If the insurer comes back to you with a number that you’re not happy with, be prepared to negotiate. You may need to ask your adjuster to show you the contract language upon which they’ve based their settlement, and you can use the estimate you’ve got from your contractor as a basis to negotiate the settlement.

If your insurer has denied your claim, reach out to us here at - we’re happy to take a look at your case and help you get your storm damage covered so you can make repairs and move on with your life

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