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Things to Know About Appealing Your Homeowner’s Insurance Offer

If you just experienced a tornado, hurricane, fire, mudslide, earthquake, or serious windstorm, you may have sustained residential property damage. If your home, garage, roof, or property was damaged or destroyed in a disaster, you need to know about your rights.

Your insurance policy will cover some of the damage, all of it, or up to a certain amount, depending on your policy coverage limits. However, your insurance company may tell you a different story. If your insurance adjuster says your property claim will not be covered or if they are giving you too low of an offer, you can appeal their decision.

How to Appeal Your Insurance Company's Offer
  • Read your policy. Find out your limits and understand your policy.
  • Find out if your claim was denied without cause. Your claim could have been denied because of a simple filing error.
  • File an appeal with your insurance company. Every company has their own processes and procedures, so ask them to give you the details on how to file an appeal. 
  • Provide photos and written documentation. When you file an appeal, even if you think the insurance company already has your information, resend pictures of the damage and write a clear description of what happened and what was damaged. 
  • Provide documented inspections and maintenance. Sometimes claims are denied due to a homeowner's own fault. If the home was not up to code, insurance companies could deny the claim. So, show anything you can that proves the home was up to code and you were not at fault for any damages that occurred. 
  • Get a lawyer. If you are going to take the insurer to court or to arbitration, you need to have an experienced insurance litigation lawyer on your side. 

You can talk with a qualified Texas insurance claim attorney at the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 and receive a free, no-obligation consultation.
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