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Tis the Season - Has Your Insurance Company Been Naughty or Nice?

Which list is your insurance company landing on this year? Does your insurance company deserve a bag of coal?

Every month, like good little elves, we pay our dues to our insurance companies. We do this in hopes that when something goes wrong, they will come to our rescue and save the day. Sometimes, they do the right thing and take care of the policy holder. However, not all claims are handled in this manner.  Unfortunately, these days, it is getting harder and harder to get proper claims support from insurance companies when problems arise. With every denied, underpaid, or delayed claim, these companies are finding themselves at the top of Santa’s naughty list.

According to industry reports, Texas was the third most expensive state for homeowners insurance premiums in 2018, following behind Florida and Louisiana. The reports also show that in 2018, 6.2 percent of insured homes experienced a claim, whereas the following year, 2019, the number of claims made was 5.1 percent. That is a decrease in claims of 1.1 percent. However, the net of reinsurance rose to 63.8 billion in 2020 from 54.2 billion in 2019. Regardless, that kind of reimbursement should not be an issue when, according to, companies like State Farm have a net worth of $126.1 billion alone.

On, one gentleman shares his story about an experience filing a claim with his insurance provider. He had been with his insurance company for over 25 years and never filed a claim. One winter, he had a pipe burst in his home. This caused flooding which lead to damage. He filed a claim and it was denied. He spent weeks trying to get a hold of them to see why it was denied, when one day he got a letter in the mail saying he was being dropped as a customer due to the claim. Doesn’t sound like a company that belongs on Santa’s nice list.

The good news is, there are some favorable insurance companies out there regarding the claims process. According to, the list below are top rated:

#1 Lemonade
#3 Amica
#4 Allstate
#4 State Farm
#6 Nationwide
#6 American Family
#8 Erie Insurance
#9 Liberty Mutual
#10 Chubb
#10 Progressive
#10 Farmers Insurance

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