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Top 4 Critical Tips for Dealing with the Insurance Company After Hurricane Sandy Outlined by Hurricane Lawyer Bill Voss

With an estimated $50 billion in insured losses after Hurricane Sandy, insurance companies are currently inundated with a wealth of expensive claims. You may find yourself waiting for quite some time to get a response from insurers, and you may not be happy with the result when you do. Here are 4 tips to make sure your interactions with your insurer go smoothly:

1. Photograph Everything
Photograph everything that was damaged by the storm. Photograph the tree that fell on your house before you move it. Photograph the water damage to the inside of your car. Photograph personal property that was damaged or destroyed during the storm. Make sure that everything you photograph is clearly visible and well-lit. Take multiple photos from different angles to thoroughly photo document everything.

2. Save Damaged Property
It’s a good idea to save any damaged property after filing a claim. Do your best to dry it out, but even if it smells musty or moldy, you should save it until your settlement is processed. The adjuster may want to see the property to ensure that it’s consistent with the price tag you put on it, and you may be able to use your property to negotiate a higher settlement if the insurer doesn’t want to give you what it’s worth.

3. Make a Record of All Conversations
Make a record of every conversation you have with the insurer. Include names, dates and times, and details about what you discussed during the conversation. If the insurer gives you trouble processing your claim, this log can be invaluable.

4. Keep Receipts from Everything
Keep the receipts from everything you paid for related to the storm. Keep receipts for hotel stays, laundry bills, restaurant and food expenses, and even expenses to make temporary repairs until your damage is properly repaired or replaced. You should be able to submit much of this to the insurer for reimbursement, but only if you have your receipts!

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