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When fierce storms and tornadoes occur, many things are often lifted off the ground, including trees, fences, cars, buildings and more. While each event can cause major damage and significant financial costs to repair, toppled trees can lead to fires.

When trees get uprooted, they tend to fall on homes, businesses and cars – causing damage to roofs and windows as well as personal injuries. Sometimes toppled trees fall on power lines and can spark electrical fires. 

When a tornado rips through a Texas town, significant damage can occur, especially when trees fall on wires. This was the case recently in Corpus Christi when a tree fell on a power line near a home and started a blaze. In this case, a 30-foot-tall tree was completely uprooted and caused a lot of property damage due to the fire. 

Assistant Fire Chief Andy Cardiel said there were reports of seven businesses and three homes with significant damage from fallen trees. He also stated that there were many homes that had broken windows and missing shingles from the fallen trees that the fierce storm brought. 

As a Tornado property damage attorney in Texas, I would like to remind Texas residents how to deal with downed trees near power lines to minimize injuries and avoid residential fires:

  • Call your electric company if you notice tree branches hanging too close to power lines.
  • Do not try to repair the tree or remove a tree branch from a power line by yourself.
  • If you see smoke, call 911.

If your home suffered property damage from fallen trees, call the Voss Law Firm today to speak with a tornado property damage attorney in Texas in a free consultation at 888-614-7730. Also, make sure you request a complimentary copy of our book Disputes With Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know. 

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