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Understanding What Is Covered Before Filing a Home Insurance Claim

Do you know what your home is covered for under your insurance policy? While many homeowners think they know what their homes are covered for in the event of a natural disaster, property damage, or other unexpected event, the reality of the coverage is often different than the expectations.

According to a recent insurance survey, homeowners were surveyed to find out how many people believed or didn’t believe they could make a residential insurance claim even if water damage, fire, or another incident occurred from lack of maintenance.

Results of the Survey

  • Fire Damage Claims – About 58% of homeowners surveyed thought they could file a fire damage claim even if the blaze was caused from an unswept chimney. Also, 53% of homeowners believed that their insurance policy would cover their home from fire damage caused by old or faulty wiring. Many homeowners were shocked to find out that both are untrue, and that insurance claims are rejected if fires occur from these causes.
  • Structural Damage Claims – There were 61% of homeowners who thought their insurance would cover claims from ceiling or wall collapses, even if they neglected cracks or other issues. Also untrue.
  • Weather-Related Claims – About 59% of homeowners surveyed thought the insurance company would cover them for all weather-related events, no matter the cause or if lack of maintenance was a factor. Also untrue.

While maintenance and the cause of a disaster are factors in a residential insurance claim, insurance companies often attempt to deny valid claims. If your insurer denies your insurance claim, you need to get a second opinion and retain the help of a skilled Houston insurance litigation lawyer. While their claim denial may be sound, they may also be attempting to save money at your expense. Find out by calling the Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation today.

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