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What Condo Complex Owners Need to Know About Hurricane Sandy Claims

Hurricane Sandy left devastating effects on the East Coast after delivering one of the worst storm surges in the history of the region. This has left many people, particularly condo owners on the coast, in a difficult situation.

Condominium claims differ greatly from regular residential claims. This is because there is often times confusion over who is responsible for the damages, such as those many condos which were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Condominium claims are based on the bylaws of the condos and must look out for the best interest of their residents, but also for the needs of the association. This division of responsibility can be difficult to determine and requires a firm and persistent attitude when negotiating.

While you and your condo association may have done everything in your power to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, you are likely in the same position as many other condo complex owners in the Northeastern part of the United States and left with an uninhabitable residence from some of the following damage:

  • Flooded bottom levels
  • Fallen trees on roofs or in yards
  • Damage from flying debris

If you have experienced any of these damages, contact the Voss Law Firm for help. We can assist you in filing your Hurricane Sandy condo complex claim or give you legal representation if your claim has been denied. We have the expertise you need when it comes to the unique nature of condominium claims and can help you get the financial assistance necessary to get your condo back to normal as soon as possible. 

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