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What Does Your Business Contract Say? Protect Your Company from Business Disputes

Anything from an employee termination to discrimination matters, leasing issues, contract matters, or enforcing rights of owners in directing the way of the business, can be considered a business dispute that can turn into litigation. Not every situation develops into a heated argument, but when it does, businesses need to know how to handle these types of disputes.

This is why it is important to already have a contract in place that determines how a business dispute gets resolved. If your company does not have a dispute contract in place, you may want to talk with a business litigation lawyer who is skilled in developing contracts to protect your company when faced with a myriad of disputes.

If your business already has a contract in place, review it again before you need it, as you may need to revise it. Look at the boilerplate or fine print in the contract to confirm how a dispute should be resolved.
Don't wait until it is too late and you are faced with a business dispute. Be proactive and review the language used in the following areas of the contract:
  • Mediation prior to litigation - mediation should occur before any side may file a lawsuit.
  • Reimbursement of attorney's fees - the contract should discourage people from suing your company, so the language should make the loser obligated to pay for the winner's attorney fees.
  • Litigation, not arbitration - the arbitration process does not allow for a jury trial or an appeal. Avoid arbitration and opt for litigation if mediation doesn't resolve the dispute. 

If your contract does not include this type of language, it is important to have your contract revised to best protect your company. Please call the Voss Law Firm to speak with our skilled Texas business litigation lawyers in a free discussion of your case. We will review your contract and advise you of the best strategy. Call (866) 276-6179 to schedule your appointment today.

You can also request a complimentary copy of attorney Bill Voss's book: Business Disputes - Critical Information for All Business Owners. Download this book for free today.
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