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What if You’ve Been Affected by Hurricane Sandy but Don’t Have Flood Insurance?

Thousands of homeowners are currently dealing with flooding after the devastation that Hurricane Sandy caused up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Unfortunately, many of these people probably didn’t have flood insurance. Plenty of homes were affected that aren’t in a traditional flood plain, and their homeowners may not have realized that a natural disaster like Sandy could have caused significant damage to their homes that wouldn’t be covered by their homeowners insurance. If you’re one of the unfortunate people whose homes were flooded by Hurricane Sandy but who don’t have flood insurance, here’s what you need to know:

Homeowners Who Live in a Disaster Area May Be Eligible for Assistance
The best avenue of recovery for many homeowners who don’t have flood insurance is to file for federal disaster assistance in the form of grants and loans. The President has signed disaster declarations for parts of New York, parts of New Jersey and parts of Connecticut, some of the states hit hardest by this storm. That means that the states and individuals living there are eligible for federal aid - which can be a real godsend to homeowners who didn’t have flood insurance but whose homes were devastated by the storm.

Getting Disaster Aid from FEMA
Federal aid will be distributed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. Residents who need to apply for federal aid can do so at Many of the people who receive aid will do so in the form of loans, and those people may be required to purchase a flood insurance policy and keep it in place for the duration of the federal loan.

When you apply for assistance, you’ll be asked about your existing insurance coverage, financial information, contact information and your social security number. The types of benefits available include things like FEMA housing, housing repair loans and grants, help with expenses and housing needs, and more.

For more information on this article and consumer rights when comes to flood take a moment to read the free materials located at now.

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