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What Kind of FEMA Public Assistance Does My Community Qualify For?

In addition to filing municipal insurance claims, local and state governments—along with a select type of non-profit organizations—may wish to seek help from FEMA after a significant disaster such as a hurricane or flood. But what kinds of facilities may be eligible for repair and rebuilding with the help of the FEMA Public Assistance program?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency assists cities, towns, villages, counties, states, rural communities, unincorporated townships, and districts with the following types of public facility projects:

  • Roads and bridges
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Airports
  • Irrigation channels
  • Schools
  • Public buildings
  • Utility facilities

In addition, FEMA Public Assistance will assist certain non-profit organizations with repairs to some facilities, including schools, power systems, emergency facilities, and medical facilities.

Municipalities should note that FEMA will only assist areas that have been declared federal emergencies—and only after the local government has shown that it is not capable of handling the crisis without outside help.

Also note that there are two major restrictions to the above list. The first involves buildings that were not being used for their original purpose. They will either be restored according to their pre-disaster state or to fulfill the alternative use of the building, whichever costs less. Second, buildings and facilities that were not operating at the time of the disaster aren’t eligible for restoration unless they were only nonoperational for a short time or for a good reason (such as renovation).

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