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What to Do If The Insurance Company Puts Up a Fight About Your Hurricane Irene Claim

You may have made it through the storm, but if the insurance company is denying your Hurricane Irene claim, it may seem like another storm is upon you.

The fine print on insurance policies can be difficult to understand. Sometimes certain damages are only covered under certain circumstances, but the wording in the policy can be vague and confusing. Insurance companies use your inability to understand as a way to deny your claim - even though you may actually be entitled to coverage.

Your insurance company could be acting in bad faith.

Perhaps they are refusing to pay your claim without performing an investigation, or denying coverage altogether for no apparent reason. When this happens, there are important steps that you must take in order to fight the insurance denial.

First, you should take photos of the damage, making sure to include shots from a distance that may include portions of the property next to you, for comparison. Taking video is also very helpful.

Also, make sure to take inventory of everything that was damaged, including your personal belongings, and write down what you think those items were worth. If you have any expert appraisals-for jewelry, for example-you should include those as well.

Provide your insurance adjustor with everything he or she needs or asks for, and make sure to do it in a timely fashion. You should also keep a journal about all of your conversations, and keep a tally of everything that you sent them, and everything you received in return.

Is the insurance company giving you a hard time?

If the insurance company is still giving you a hard time about covering your Hurricane Irene claim, contact the hurricane damage lawyers at the Voss Law Firm by calling 866.276.6179. Or you can download your free copy of their book, Disputes With Your Insurance Company - What All Consumers Need to Know, which is located on the website.

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