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What to Do if Your Sandy-Related Property Damage Claim was Denied Explained by Bill Voss

By now, tens of thousands of homeowners have filed or are filing claims with their insurance companies. With the hordes of additional staff that insurers have mobilized, some people may already be getting a response to their claims - and it might not be a good one. Here’s what you need to do if your Hurricane Sandy property damage claim was denied:

Document All Conversations with the Insurer
If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to document all of the conversations you’ve had with your insurer. Make note of every phone call, the time and date, who you spoke with and what was said. You may need those records to show the insurer you’re serious about pursuing your claim, and you will need them if you seek outside help.

Ask Why
When you ask why they denied your claim, your insurer will have to give you a reason. Once they give you a reason, they can’t produce new reasons for denying a payment. Likewise, they can’t come back and make a low offer later. You’ll have their explanation, preferably in writing, so you can work on refuting their denial. In most cases, you’ll either find out which language in your insurance policy backs up their denial, or you might find something they missed. Either way, knowing their basis for denying your claim is essential in fighting it.

Complain to Senior Staff
Once you’ve been denied by the claims adjuster, try escalating your complaint to senior staff. Use the records you’ve been keeping to demonstrate how serious you are. In some cases, simply escalating the case and providing your documentation can result in an offer from the insurer.

Complain to Your State Insurance Department
If the senior staff at the insurance company can’t help you, you can always complain to your state insurance department. Depending on your state, the insurance department may seek an explanation from the company, or they may actively intervene on your behalf if it’s a clear case of bad claims handling. The key is to prevent the facts impartially, based on your notes - an impassioned plea may get you sympathy, but that’s as far as you’ll get.

See a Lawyer
If the insurance company is still denying your claim, visit us at We’ve got the experience and the legal background to deal with insurers and get you the money you deserve from your insurance policy. If the insurer acted in bad faith, you may be eligible for additional financial recovery.

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