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What's Scarier Than Michael Meyers at Halloween?

Pretty much the entire State of Texas had to deal with the frustrating aftermath of various storms in 2021. The aftermath comes in various ways such as busted pipes from being frozen, roof damage, wind damage, flood damage, fire loss, etc. Specifically, many of these busted pipes are in walls and under the flooring - where insulation is thin. As you would imagine, or most likely have personally experienced, these busted water pipes have led to an even bigger problem - MOLD!!! Definitely Halloween Scary, as this could lead to big health problems!

Your mold problem doesn't discriminate when it comes to property types or demographics. Both residential and commercial property owners have been impacted, as well as the upper, middle, and lower classes of society. You might ask yourself how in the world do you continue to navigate this fright fest on your own? Simply put, you don’t have to. We can take over this real life scare for you!

Timing is very important when taking over this battle, as statutes come into play. The further we get out from the date of loss, the more time is of the essence! To this end, do not put off tomorrow what you can do today! Reach out to us now!!
Taking over the battle is something we are accustomed to very well, as we have been fighting the good fight on the side of policyholders for the past 16 years! The fight may seem chaotic and unfair to you as you have been having to deal with some carrier’s age old tactics of: deny, delay, and underpayment. This battle may seem uncomfortable, and that is because it is! You have placed your trust in your insurance company to take care of you after events such as this. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the carriers do the right thing. However, more times that not we see these age old tactics come to life with the claims process after a widespread loss event, such as Winter Storm Uri!  

Being comfortable in the uncomfortable is something we help policyholders navigate through daily. We take the stress off of your plate on on to ours. We will lay out our game plan for you, so you know where we are headed and how we are going to get there. We also will keep you updated along the way. Keep in mind however that it can sometimes turn in to a marathon rather than a sprint. Although we have won our fair share of sprints as well. There are some things you can do however to help with the game plan as listed below:

Stay Calm- realize that we are very skilled in battle and you no longer need to loose sleep at night as we are fighting on your behalf.

Stay Organized- We will ask that you send to us a few things such as: A full copy of your insurance policy that was active during the date of loss, everything the carrier has sent to you so far regarding the claim, everything your contractor has sent to you so far regarding the claim, claims history, and pictures of the damages.

Stay Patient- as discussed above sometimes victorious battles are marathons not sprints. Event though this is sometimes the case, we have the peddle down on the floorboard all the way, as we would would like to get you back to whole as quickly as possible with the greatest outcome.

Stay flexible- as the battle ensues we may call our email you with additional information requests. We also like to keep you updated along the way.

Stay Truthful - It is important to let us know everything regarding the claim including all claims history of the property. By sharing all information with us openly, there are less landmines to avoid.

Stay observant - If a carrier’s insurance adjuster tries to communicate with you after we are engaged, or if you receive any correspondence from the carrier after we are engaged, if there are additional damages or repair plans to the property along the way, if you are planning on selling the property… These are all things we need to be aware of right away.

By observing these simple principles you will be helping us to help you in this very important battle. I mean you have only been up against the largest claims event in Texas History with the one of the most powerful lobbying groups out there (the insurance industry)! And up until this point, you have been going at it alone. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes as Texans this independent spirit is engrained in us all. However, there comes a point when even an independent spirit needs some wise counsel on their side. By the way, it is this same independent spirit that tells you something is not right when dealing with the tactics of your insurance company after a claim.

A good policyholder attorney is the answer to the claims nightmare.  A good policyholder attorney will hold the carrier’s feet to the fire when claims arise. It is well documented that insurance carriers can sometimes implement various tactics when trying to lessen their financial exposure to claims, including: underpayment, denial, and the delay of claims. This is no surprise, given the record number of increasing weather events in the last several years (as documented in earlier VLF blogs).

This is why it is important to consult with a reputable policyholder attorney when filing a claim, and especially if your claim has been denied, delayed, or underpaid.

The Voss Law Firm, P.C. has been protecting policyholder’s rights for the past sixteen years, recovering billions of dollars in settlements for our clients.

Feel free to call, or email today for a free consultation on your file.

We are 100% contingency fee based. No recovery, no fee.

Todd Farr - Director of Client Relations.


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