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Who is Responsible for Mold Damage to My Texas Condo from a Common Area Leakage?

Often times there are disputes between condominium owners and the condo association and board over who is responsible for damages inside an individual condo unit. Depending upon the cause of the damage, many owners feel like the condo association should take care of the costs to repair the damage, and the association may make excuses, delays or dispute the claim altogether. When this happens, a condo owner needs to seek out the truth and find answers.

Water and mold damage cause frequent debates between condominium owners and their associations.

If the association failed to maintain the roof and water damage occurred that led to the mold in your unit, it is justifiable that you would want the association to pay for repairs for your condo mold damage.
However, the association may fix the roof and the cause of the leak and may tell you that they repaired their part of things, but the mold damage is your responsibility because it is within the walls of your unit.

Most condominium insurance policies do not cover mold damage, which means you may be left with a costly out-of-pocket repair. Do not pay for these repairs until you seek legal advice. Many associations are wrong in denying your claim, as they have a duty to maintain the common area.

Although every case is different, if the water damage that led to your mold came from a common area defect, then you should bring a claim against your condo association. It is often impossible to get the association to agree to your terms without other condo owners petitioning the same complaint. A skilled insurance litigation lawyer is often needed to help you recover damages.

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Michael L. Richardson 06/28/2020 11:00 PM
insurance company. Now I have another issue in which the roof has failed in my closet and has multiple water pockets waiting to burst. My HOA hired roofers to repair this section of my roof twice already and the current situation has damaged my clothes, Shoes, custom cabinetry, and molded my walls. Since it’s an area in which they should have fixed the first two (2) times can I sue the Management company for full damages? I’m scared if I keep filing claims on this property, my insurance company is going to drop me.
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