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Wind Storms Cause Roof Damage to Governmental Buildings – What Municipalities Need to Know About Wind Damage Claims

When a windstorm strikes, homes and businesses aren't the only structures that sustain damage. In fact, buildings that belong to cities, schools, states, and other governmental agencies may be affected due to wind damage, hail damage, and other natural disasters.

When municipalities suffer building damage, it can affect thousands of people as cities and governments provide services to the public. It may make it impossible to work in a specific building if part of the roof is missing, shingles from a roof have torn, or there are holes in the roof. Roof damage caused by windstorms is common and makes working in buildings with roof damage impractical.

Wind Storms May Cause Hidden Damages

After wind damage, the insurance company must promptly inspect the claim. They most likely will send an adjuster out to take pictures and inspect the roof or the structural damage caused by the windstorm. Do not just rely on their findings as damage may be improperly evaluated. It is wise to have several contractors provide quotes so that your city or state agency knows what an average cost of the repair may be.

Some damage windstorms cause is not detectible at first glance. Severe winds can cause hidden roof damage that only an inspector may notice when conducting an in-depth inspection. It is important to get a neutral inspector out to the property after a strong storm to get an idea of how severe the damage may be.

Insurance Providers May Cut Corners and Underpay Claims

Sometimes insurance providers agree to only pay for part of the repairs, underpay the claim, or deny the claim based on a clause they may quote in the insurance policy. Don't let insurance companies take advantage of your city, school, or other governmental office.

If the wind damage claim is underpaid or denied, municipalities have rights. Also, if business was interrupted, the city or governmental agency may be entitled to more benefits under the policy. Contact an experienced insurance claim attorney at the Voss Law Firm who has represented policyholders including municipalities throughout the United States.

When your governmental wind damage claim or other natural disaster claim has been denied, contact attorney Bill Voss of Voss Law Firm at 888-614-7730 to schedule a free legal consultation.

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