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My homeowner’s insurance claim is delayed. Is my insurance company acting in bad faith?

When your valid homeowner’s insurance claim is denied, it is an obvious mistake that needs attention and action. But when the payment of your valid homeowner’s insurance claim is delayed, the situation is often more complex. Your insurance company could be acting in bad faith, or your payment could be delayed for a valid reason. Here are some questions to ask if your claim has been delayed:

Why is the claim delayed? It’s one thing if your claim is being delayed because your insurance company wants to scare you into accepting a low-ball settlement. It’s quite another thing if your insurance payment is being delayed because you need to fill out some required paperwork.

What has the insurance company done to fix the situation? Like it or not, delays do happen, especially for complex or costly claims. The important question in many cases is what the insurance company is doing to fix the issues and get you the payment. If the delays are unreasonable, they may be acting in bad faith.

What does my insurance policy say about timely payment? Your insurance policy is bursting with information and answers—that’s why it is so dense! This document will likely have information about which delays may be reasonable and which delays are not.

What does a residential claims attorney have to say about my case? There is no reason to keep wondering whether or not you have a homeowner’s insurance claim case—our residential claims lawyers can listen to your story, examine the evidence, and let you know about your possible courses of action. To schedule an appointment today, please call 888-614-7730.

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