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What are some samples of illegal conduct by an insurance company?

Illegal And Prohibited Insurance Conduct
  • They cannot put their own financial interests ahead of you, your family and your business;
  • They cannot knowingly hire adversarial reviewers and investigators biased by their own financial gain or their attitudes toward home and business owners;
  • They cannot take shortcuts in their job by not conducting a reasonable and complete investigation of your claim;
  • They cannot deny claims with no reasonable basis;
  • They cannot deny claims with no reasonable investigation of your claim;
  • They cannot withhold payment for repairs and damage with unreasonable, exaggerated excuses;
  • They cannot change their excuses to maintain a false denial of your claim;
  • They cannot knowingly add to injuries in the face of reasonable needs;
  • They cannot put unnecessary obstacles in the way of covering clear needs; and
  • They cannot deny with no records and no investigation.
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