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What Would Make my Insurance Company Deny my Claim for Frozen Pipes?

Question: Why Did my Insurance Company Deny my Claim?

Answer: There are 3 major reasons why this could happen.

  • Due to negligence: such as not turning on the thermostat up to 68⁰F during cold weather or winter.
  • Due to lack of maintenance: such as not replacing old or corroded pipes.
  • Due to gradual wear and tear: If your frozen pipe is not sudden or accidental but due to normal aging, your insurance company may not pay your insurance claims. 

Question: My Broken pipe Was Not Due to Any of the Reasons Above, Yet my Insurance Company is Still Denying my Claim. Can you Help?

Answer: Yes. This is how we intend to help you.

  • Determine why you are having trouble with an insurance claim;
  • Maximize your claim and make sure all losses are accounted for;
  • Take a thorough look at your policy to make sure there's no loopholes;
  •  Protect your rights and negotiate on your behalf; and
  • Make sure you are able to recover as soon as possible.
  • Notify you of all Texas insurance laws that apply to your case.

If your homeowner’s insurance provider is attempting to deny or underpay your pipe damage claim, we can help. Contact our experienced policyholder attorneys today or learn more about your case in our free book, Your Essential Guide to Residential Claims.

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