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Walmart and Sporting Goods Store Among Businesses Damaged in Troy Tornado

On Thursday, August 6, 2015, severe storms moved over Alabama and produced a tornado that caused heavy damages in an area south of Montgomery. Some businesses in the city of Troy sustained damage in the storm, and several people were hurt in a commercial roof collapse where the tornado touched down. The National Weather Service confirmed on the following morning that the storm was, in fact, a tornado, but the rating of its size and strength were not yet clear. A scientist with the National Weather Service said that it was “very rare” for tornadoes to form in the area in August. Additional heavy storms also affected other parts of the state over the weekend.

At Least Two Businesses Report Damages From Tornado in Troy

In Troy, some of the most remarkable damage included a local Walmart store and a sporting goods store. The roof of the Walmart Large Tornado Touching Down in a Fieldwas heavily damaged and collapsed partially in the storm. According to photographs and accounts on social media sites, the inside ceilings of the store were sagging, and merchandise was scattered in the aisles. It was also reported that the storm was strong enough to overturn an 18-wheeler truck in the parking lot. A Walmart spokesman said the damage was still being assessed, but said that employees may be moved to other locations while the property is repaired. A nearby sporting goods store also sustained serious losses in the storm, losing at least one external wall.

Thankfully, the storm hit at night—just before 11 p.m.—which meant that most of the stores in the area either didn’t have many customers or were closed at the time. However, despite the reduced number of shoppers, at least six people were injured when the roof collapsed at Walmart. None of their injuries were thought to be serious or life threatening.

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