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Don’t Forget About Trees and Debris When Planning Your Business Insurance Coverage

While business owners often have more options for insuring themselves against the costs associated with tree damage and debris removal, some companies don’t realize they need these coverage options until a storm or catastrophe has made the need obvious and immediate. If you are a business owner, don’t be caught by surprise by tree- and debris-removal costs.

Debris Removal May Be Necessary—Even If You Don’t Have Trees on Your Commercial Property

Even businesses that do feature majestic trees on their properties may not plan for what happens when those trees are affected by a storm. However, business owners need to be aware that they could end up taking on the costs of tree, branch, and debris removal even if their landscaping doesn’t include large trees. Storms can toss trees and branches great distances, and insurance companies are rarely interested in tracking down whose property the tree originally came from. These can leave business owners and their insurance companies bearing the costs of:

  • Fallen trees. Nearby trees can create problems for your business when they fall on company property, damage buildings, block entrances, and require expensive removal. Businesses can also end up in insurance squabbles about responsibility for those costs, both with neighbors and the insurance companies.
  • Damage from flying tree debris. In a serious storm, tree branches and other flying debris can puncture siding, break windows, damage roofing materials, and more. Even if your business did not sustain direct damage from the storm, indirect damage from debris and the costs of removal can be staggering.

By planning ahead for potential needs and regularly reviewing the coverage your business carries, you can make sure that your business is ready to face the worst weather events without unnecessary financial surprises.

Getting Help With Complicated Commercial Insurance Claims for Tree Removal

If you are having trouble determining who pays for tree and debris removal after a storm, don’t give up and absorb the costs before you reach out for experienced legal help. Our policyholder attorneys have extensive experience helping companies and business owners maximize their insurance claims and fight delays, denials, and other complications as they arise. Simply give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page for answers to your questions. 

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