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Standard Commercial Policies Don’t Always Include Coverage for Wind Damage

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your commercial insurance is just assuming that you’re covered for windstorm damage under your standard policy. In truth, your actual coverage for damaged roofing, and other losses due to high winds can be a lot more complex. Some business owners are surprised to learn that they don’t actually carry the wind-damage coverage they need. You can be covered for hail, water, and other risks, but your wind coverage can vary quite a bit, depending on:

  • Your location. You might be surprised to find out that where your business is located can have a big impact on how your insurance against windstorm losses is handled. As an example, businesses on the Texas coast need to be aware that wind damage may not be a covered loss under their standard policies, even though it is a covered loss in other regions.
  • The terms of your policy. There can be a lot of variance in the coverage provided by “standard” commercial insurance policies. Make sure you understand your policy and how losses might be handled after a windstorm.
  • The needs of your business. Different businesses have different needs, and the things that make your business unique can also make for complicated insurance claims. Your protection for wind-related losses should match the needs of your commercial property and grow with you as your business changes.

Making sure that your commercial insurance policies fully cover the specific needs of your business isn’t always easy—but that’s why it makes sense to think ahead. For more information about what you can to do to protect your business before, during, and after storm losses, read through a copy of our free book, Commercial Insurance Claims: The Basics.


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