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Businesses Overlook the Damaging Potential of High Winds When Planning Their Insurance Coverage

When you start thinking about insuring your business against weather-related losses, your mind may immediately jump to potential major catastrophes, like tornadoes, hurricanes, pelting hailstorms, and maybe even wildfires. However, it’s easy to overlook the costly losses associated with high winds, even when those losses may seem minor in comparison. If you’re planning the insurance coverage for your business, or if you’re just reviewing the coverage you carry, don’t overlook the financially draining complications posed by windstorms.

Even Minor or Moderate Windstorms Can Leave Costly Damages for Businesses

Tree damaged by heavy windsHigh winds may not always make the news as a catastrophic event, but that doesn’t mean that the costs associated with repair can’t be a serious threat to commercial operations—large or small. Even minor or moderate windstorms can cause severe or just plain expensive damage to:

  • Roofs and roofing materials
  • HVAC systems
  • Trees, landscaping, and signage

However, the costs involved in recovering from a windstorm aren’t always limited to the direct damage from high winds.

Commercial Losses From a Windstorm Often Accompanied by Other Storm Damages

Despite the potential for major direct damages, high winds are often most damaging in indirect ways, which might include:

  • Punctures from flying debris
  • Trees falling on vehicles and structures
  • Water damage secondary to roof damage and punctures
  • Gas and chemical leaks
  • Equipment and stock damage from leaks and power outages

This is a big part of the reason why it is so important to think ahead and make sure you really understand how your business or commercial property is covered in the event of a windstorm. There can be a lot of variance in commercial insurance policies, but policyholders can avoid unhappy surprises by being proactive.

The best way to make sure that your business is protected from wind-related losses is to get informed about the policies you carry, your rights as a commercial policyholder, and how to take action. Start learning more today by requesting your free copy of our book, Commercial Insurance Claims: The Basics—or contact our legal team directly at 888-614-7730 if you have questions about a wind-related claim. 

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