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Clauses That Pause: Commercial Windstorm Losses Open the Stage for Lengthy Disputes Over Coverage

Businesses can suffer all kinds of damage in high winds, from roofing issues to structure collapses. Unfortunately, commercial policyholders sometimes find out too late that their existing policies for windstorms may not cover all of the damages sustained, and insurance companies may point to confusing clauses and unfair interpretations of coverage that leave commercial policyholders at a loss.

Complicated Policies Mean That Delays and Disputes Are Common in Commercial Claims for Windstorm Losses

Insurance companies are sometimes reluctant to take claims of wind-related losses seriously, and they will interpret your policy in the way that is most beneficial to their own bottom line. Because commercial insurance policies can vary so much depending on the type and size of the business, uncovering the truth about your windstorm coverage may seem like a battle that is fought purely between the attorneys on each side who are working to interpret the language of a policy and what that means for the policyholder.

In these kinds of situations, businesses may need to work with an attorney who has extensive experience resolving common commercial insurance disputes over windstorm coverage, such as:

  • What wind-related damages a commercial policy covers. Depending on the policies your business is currently covered by, it is possible that only certain types of losses will be covered.
  • Which damages were caused by the windstorm. Insurance companies may point to previous storms, poor maintenance, and other excuses to deny the losses a business suffered were caused by the weather event.
  • The value of the losses. Insurance companies may undervalue windstorm claims, offering far less than a business owner deserves for the cost of the damages.
  • The decision between repair and replacement. Whether it’s roofing materials or equipment, insurance companies may try to only pay the costs of repairs when a replacement would be more appropriate in the situation.

To learn more about commercial insurance claims and your rights after a storm or disaster, reach out to our legal team for a completely free copy of our helpful book, Commercial Property Owners Must Read This Before Filing an Insurance Claim.

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