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Business Owners: It’s Not Too Soon To Act On Hurricane Sandy Claims

Much of the East Coast shut down on Monday night as Hurricane Sandy made landfall and swept up the shoreline, bringing with it large volumes of rain and bone-rattling winds. While thousands of business owners boarded up windows, laid down sand bags, and prepared for the storm in any way they could, many woke up to damaged properties. Some won’t be able to operate for days, weeks, or even months. When should they begin thinking about filing an insurance claim?

At Voss Law Firm, we are here to help business owners weather the storm after the storm—coordinating temporary and permanent repairs, filing paperwork, and making sure they get the settlement that they are owed. After a storm like Hurricane Sandy, which affected millions of people, it even more important to assess damage and file a claim quickly.

Our commercial insurance claims management team will help you:

•    Make emergency repairs that protect the safety of your workers and customers.
•    Secure temporary funds for emergency costs after the storm.
•    Assess the damage done to your business and property.
•    Calculate losses from business interruption.
•    Communicate with your insurance company, including the investigator and loss adjuster.
•    Complete and file your insurance claim.
•    Get a fair settlement for your claim.

Running a business the smart way doesn’t just mean making the right decisions in good times—it means responding well in emergency situations. Having your business weather a storm doesn’t stop with storm preparation—it continues after the damage is done. We are here to make sure that your business reopens as quickly as possible and that your insurance claim pays for everything promised in your policy.

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