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Is a hurricane legally considered an Act of God in Texas?

Technically, an Act of God is defined as “a manifestation especially of a violent or destructive natural force, such as a lightning strike or earthquake, that is beyond human power to cause, prevent, or control.” Under that general definition, most large storms, such as tornados and hurricanes, would be considered Acts of God. However, legally, an Act of God must be impossible to predict or anticipate. That’s good news for many residents of Texas.

As you may well know, the Gulf Coast, including much of Texas, has a long and storied history of hurricanes and tropical storms. Because of the frequency and strength of these storms, city planners and builders have taken steps to protect against property damage in the event of a hurricane. Simply put, if you live in certain parts of Texas, hurricanes are often a fact of life, not an Act of God. Although you can’t predict the specifics of when and where a hurricane will hit, it is not out of the ordinary for several to pass through the state each summer and fall.

However, wily insurance companies may argue that a Texas hurricane is an Act of God if the storm is unusually large, powerful, or destructive. That is, if the hurricane is unlike any other seen in the past in the area, it could be considered an Act of God in court.

Determining whether your property damage was caused by an Act of God in Texas is complex and tricky. A Texas homeowner’s insurance attorney can help you understand your claim and fight the insurance company for what you deserve. Call Voss Law Firm today at 888-614-7730 to schedule a free consultation.

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