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You have probably heard that there is never a perfect time to purchase a home. People never know if their jobs are secure, if interest rates will get lower or if the purchase price will drop. However, once you make the decision of purchasing a home, it is an exciting time. 

But what if a natural disaster occurs during the process or immediately upon signing escrow documents? Buying a home when a hurricane hits can be a scary time. If a home buyer just completed the sale or is in the process of buying a home when a hurricane hits, he or she may want to know who is responsible for the wind damage and other property damages that the hurricane caused. 

If the hurricane happened before the loan closing, then the seller and the seller’s insurance company are required to cover damages. If this did take place, you will want to make sure you are very careful going forward with this purchase. It may be wise to have the home inspected again to find out if the hurricane or fierce winds wreaked havoc on your potential new home and consult with an attorney about purchasing a home with hurricane damage. 

If you already purchased the home and the sale is complete, then you and your insurance policy would be responsible for the damages. Unfortunately, if a storm watch is in effect and you did not get the right insurance or enough insurance, you would not be able to get any coverage until 48 hours after the storm warning expires. This is because insurance companies do not want to risk insuring your home if there is a known threat. 

If you have a hurricane insurance claim that occurred before, during or after your purchase of a new home and you need the advice of a skilled Texas insurance claim lawyer, please call the Voss Law Firm for help today at 888-614-7730. You will receive a free consultation and a complimentary copy of our book Disputes With Your Insurance Company – What All Consumers Need to Know. 
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