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Before You Have a Hurricane Insurance Claim, Understand Your Insurance Policy

As hurricane season is upon us, beginning June 1, many residents are already nervous about upcoming hurricanes due to the destruction that occurred over the last several years. 

If you haven’t reached for your home insurance documents yet, then you probably should do so. It is a wise idea to understand how you will be protected in the event of a hurricane, because some homeowners have to purchase separate insurance policies to cover their hurricane damages, depending upon where they live. Other owners may have coverage built into their standard policy. 

What Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Says

Read your insurance policy to determine what type of coverage you do or don’t have. By understanding your homeowner's insurance policy, you can enjoy some peace of mind before hurricane season begins. 

If you don’t live in a hurricane-prone area, your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover damages that result from hurricanes and severe wind, such as torn shingles, broken windows, missing fences, roof damage, water damage, and other property damage. If these damages occurred due to the strong winds, it should likely be covered unless you live in a high-risk area and have been notified of special hurricane policies and deductibles. 

If you live near the coast, you most likely do not have hurricane coverage or even wind damage coverage as part of your standard home insurance policy. In order to be covered for hurricane damage, wind damage, and wind-blown water damage, you may have to purchase a separate hurricane and windstorm policy. 

If, after a hurricane, your insurer won’t cover the water damage that came in through your damaged roof or broken windows because they question whether it was a result of flooding or wind damage, you may need to engage the help of a skilled insurance litigation lawyer to build a strong case for you. Many residents had disputes of this nature following Hurricane Katrina because of situations just like this and were only able to get their hurricane insurance claims resolved with the help of skilled insurance claim attorneys.

If you would like to have an attorney take a look at your insurance policy so that you can understand it, or if you have a hurricane insurance claim that you would like to seek the advice of a skilled Texas insurance claim attorney about, then call the Voss Law Firm for help with your property damage claim in order to get adequate compensation from the insurer. 

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