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When thunderstorms pound Texas and lightning strikes cause fires due to the storm, many people suffer economic losses due to situations outside of their control. When individuals, families and even small business owners wake up to find their buildings destroyed due to a fire or serious storm, they need to know that their insurance company will come through for them.

However, insurance companies hold a big advantage over their policyholders, and they know that. When business owners suffer losses in tragic situations, such as hailstorms, fires, tornados and windstorms, they may not know what to do. They may turn to their insurance companies, which is a big mistake because:
  • Insurance companies will minimize their liabilities at the policyholder’s expense.
  • Policyholders do not generally understand their insurance policy terms.
  • Insurance companies have extensive resources and will bully their policyholders.
  • Policyholders do not have the experience and knowledge to dispute a claim.

If policyholders turn to their insurers for help understanding their policy, they may feel helpless when the insurance company presents them with their interpretation of the policy benefits. This may result in a company accepting less than what the policy actually provides. This is why businesses need to hire an attorney who has experience disputing commercial insurance claims and understands the policy and coverage benefits available. 

At the Voss Law Firm, we have the experience and knowledge to sort through your policy and provide you with your available benefits. We will help you fight your insurance company to get the compensation you are entitled to. Call a skilled Texas business litigation attorney at 888-614-7730 for a free consultation today.
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