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Common Causes of Construction Fires That Result in Catastrophic Injury

When you are a construction worker, you are exposed to very real, very terrifying hazards every single day that you report to work. However, construction employees don't always realize how far the risks extend beyond falling from scaffolding or getting into an accident with heavy machinery. One big concern on a construction site is the possibility of fire. Fires can start suddenly, spread quickly and cause catastrophic injuries for anyone in its path. They could be caused by:


  • Electrical problems – This is especially common if you're working on a building. If the structure is old, the wires could be too; if they're overloaded at any point, they could malfunction and create a spark. Even if the building is brand new, the electrical crew may have installed the wires incorrectly.


  • Mother Nature – Lighting is a threat to construction sites because there are so many large metal tools and machines, and some workers may be high up on a ladder, roof or building when a surprise lightning storm strikes.


  • Portable heating units – With all of the time construction workers spend outdoors, the weather isn't always going to be on your side. When a job needs to get done, construction employees are still outside, no matter how cold or rainy. In these situations, sites will sometimes utilize portable heating units to stay warm; unfortunately, these units can overheat, get wet or malfunction and a fire can start.


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Ladder accident 10/30/2013 10:55 AM
construction workers have a high level of responsibility, they also tend to have accidents more easily than a person in a normal job, for this reason care should be handled safety a priority basis with them
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