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Learn more on how you can protect your property from the damaging effects of nature

The Voss Law Firm is always striving to stay at the forefront of insurance claim knowledge and litigation, and ensures that we continue to impart whatever useful information we can to our clients, both potential and past. 

Property Insurance Claims

This week we take a look at the most common damage claims filed. A variety of weather-related events can cause massive amounts of damage to homes, businesses and other property. But weather is not the only event causing destruction. 

Some of the most common weather conditions for claims:

Some of the most common non-weather conditions for claims:

  • Theft
  • Leaky pipes
  • Fire

Most Common Insurance Claims

Regardless of whether the weather causes the damage or not, these claims get expensive to cover. According to Travelers Insurance, from 2009 to 2015, damage from wind caused the most claims to be filed. It actually was 25% of all claims. 

Following wind damage claims, it was found that appliance damage resulted in 19% of claims. These included plumbing issues, and damage that could not be attributed to weather. Hail was responsible for 15% of claims; and rain and snow caused 11% of water damage-related claims. 

Most Expensive Insurance Claims

As can be seen, weather can be a destructive force. It can also pale in comparison to the damage caused by other sources. The most common claims are not necessarily the most expensive claims.

That honor goes to fire (at 23% of claims filed). More expensive claims include: hail, wind and flooding not associated with weather. 

How you can help your insurance claim 

The most logical way to help an insurance claim is not to have to file one. But accidents and unforeseen events can take place at a moment's notice, so it is good to take preventive measures to at the very least assist with a strong claim later on when you file.


  • Routinely check your roof for leaks or weak spots to reduce the damage of a hailstorm


  • Clear it off roofs so it does not cause strain on your roof


  • Ensure you have proper drainage so no flooding can occur


  • Store patio sets and check shrubbery around house prior to strong winds

Freezing Temperatures

  • Check pipes after cold snaps to prevent bursting pipes

Electrical Appliances

  • Overloaded outlets, open flames and heaters can spark fires

Insurance is there for a reason. You don't want to file a claim for damage; but when you need to do it, you want to be able to seamlessly file and get back to your life. Not all claims are accepted even if you have taken preventive steps.

If your claim has been denied, contact us today. We specialize in getting clients the money they need after their insurance company denies their claims (Commercial, Industrial and Residential).

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