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Three-Alarm Condominium Fire May Have Been Started by a Lightning Strike

While many other Texas residents were struggling with heavy rains and flash flooding, the residents of a Dallas condominium were dealing with a three-alarm fire on the evening of May 27. The blaze broke out on the roof of one of the condominiums in a complex in the Greenway Parks neighborhood. That unit suffered damage to both floors of the two-story unit, as well as the attic. A neighbor reported seeing lightning hit the roof and smelling smoke.

Raging Condominium FireLosses were estimated at about $150,000 at the time of this report, and the residents also tragically lost two dogs to the fire. Thankfully, the residents were not at home at the time of the fire and the fire did not spread to other units in the complex.

Fire Damage to One Condominium Unit May Not Actually Be Limited to One Unit

Although there was no information available about potential damage to other units as a result of this fire, condominium fires that affect one unit often affect surrounding units and structures. The high heat from a major blaze can melt exteriors and warp metal supports. Units that aren’t directly affected by the blaze can be affected by smoke damage and water damage from fighting the fire. This can create serious challenges for policy holders, who may have to sort through their fire coverage to determine who pays for:

  • Damage to neighboring units. Insurance disputes over condominium fires often involve questions of coverage when a problem in one unit ends up causing damage in another.
  • Damage to common areas. Depending on the condominium’s master policy and the unit owner’s individual policies, some common areas or exterior features may be covered through the condominium association. This might include parking structures, roofing, siding, hallways, public areas, and more—it all depends on the details of the fire policies carried.

Small details can mean a lot in condominium fire insurance claims, and it’s not unusual for policyholders to need help working toward a successful resolution. Whether you sit on the board of a condominium association or simply own a unit, it’s important that you get informed about how your fire insurance works and seek experienced help if you run into delays, denials, and other complications.

If you are a policyholder currently dealing with a complicated claim for fire damages in a condo, don’t hesitate to contact our law office today at 1-888-614-7730 for a free evaluation with our experienced attorneys.

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