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Free Roof Inspections: Get One

Have you ever noticed almost every roofing company offers “free roof inspections”? Have you ever wondered what exactly that is? Well, if you have, read this and you will never wonder again! 


A roof inspection is “an inspection of your roof by a trained professional to determine the health of your roof’s condition, the integrity of materials, and estimations of how long it may last until you need a replacement, repair, or restoration,” according to A roof inspection can help homeowners detect common roofing issues such as roof sagging, moss or plants growth, missing shingles, and leaks. 


Most damage occurs after any kind of storm. Hurricane, hail storm, snow storm, etc. Once these events have passed is a good time to call a roofing professional and have them examine your roof. Routine roof inspections are suggested, but no need to schedule them every week. Aim for one every season, remember, they’re free. 


Are there benefits to a roof inspection? There sure are! A roof inspection can help you find damages that may be covered by your warranty. An inspection can determine whether your roof is draining properly. If your roof has pooling water or is “water-logged”, the chances of leaks and moisture penetration become exceedingly higher. Last, and most importantly, a roof inspection stops the damage before it starts. These roof inspections can catch something significantly small before it turns into a giant disaster. 


Well there you have it. The goal of a roof inspection is to identify a potential problem in the early stages before it develops into a much larger (and more costly) disaster. 



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