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Holiday Season Can Be a Painful Reminder of Insurance Challenges After a Church Fire

When churches are heavily damaged by fires, congregations can wait months or even years for the doors of their beloved places of worship to reopen—and that passage of time can be keenly felt at times of year when so many are preparing for a long winter of service and celebration. As the holiday season gets into full swing across the nation, some church congregations are still gathering in increasingly familiar temporary locations while fire-affected church buildings sit empty and waiting for repairs. During such a joyous season, some church policyholders must greet the holidays with at least some amount of disappointment that problems with their fire insurance claims are interfering with their parishioners’ traditions.

How Unresolved Fire Insurance Claims Put a Damper on the Holiday Season  

Church policyholders are often holding off on making painful decisions about what can be repaired or replaced until they can come to a resolution with their insurance companies—and some churches can be left waiting through insurance delays, unfair denials of coverage, and repairs that must be put on hold until funds are available. As their congregations gather for the holidays, many fire-affected churches may feel the pangs of insurance claims that can’t be resolved. Some or all church buildings may be unusable, and familiar symbols of the church—such as significant artworks or historic pipe organs—may remain in ruins.

Why Insurance Delays Can Stretch on So Long for Fire-Affected Churches

In the immediate aftermath of a fire, churches that carry insurance coverage for such events may have high hopes for a fast recovery. Unfortunately, the reality of the insurance industry is that even legitimate claims are sometimes disputed, underpaid, denied, or endlessly delayed. Although churches find ways to cope and move on after a devastating fire, a complicated insurance claim or misunderstandings about the terms of a policy can mean that church leaders may have to make difficult decisions about leaving their congregations without a home for the foreseeable future.  

If you are having trouble getting the coverage you need to reopen your doors to your congregation this holiday season, don’t hesitate to start getting informed about how you can assert your rights and beat unfair delays and denials. Our experienced legal team has helped policyholders all over the nation recover fairly after major fires, and we would be happy to talk over your concerns and create a plan for action. To learn more, give us a call today or use the live-chat service on this page.


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