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How can churches resolve disputes with the insurance company over coverage for fire damages?

Fires can be devastating events for churches, especially when they are unable to come to resolution with their insurance companies for the damages sustained in the blaze. While some churches are able to put up temporary repairs while fighting on for months or years for a fair settlement for their losses, other churches end up feeling pressured to give in to an unfair denial or limitation of coverage and just move on. However, it is possible for church policyholders to get a fair outcome from their fire-insurance claims, and it’s important that they don’t give up hope of maximizing their recoveries before they’ve tried reaching out for legal help.

An Experienced Insurance Litigation Attorney Can Help You Resolve a Dispute Over Fire Damages to a Place of Worship

Insurance companies aren’t always willing to pay the maximum value of a fire-insurance claim without a fight, and they will sometimes employ unfair or “bad faith” tactics to delay claims, argue about responsibility, or pressure policyholders into accepting less. Churches that don’t have the available resources for temporary repairs—let alone long-term repairs—don’t have the luxury of waiting forever for a claim to resolve fairly, and even well-funded churches can feel the crunch over time. However, church policyholders can turn to an experienced attorney for help with insurance disputes. An attorney can:

  • Identify the root of delays and denials and disagreements
  • Take action to move a claim forward
  • Ensure fair treatment
  • Maximize the value of a fire claim
  • Prepare the claim for litigation if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached
  • Help churches solve unique challenges and prepare for future challenges

The policyholder attorneys with the Voss Law Firm offer full-service legal assistance to churches and religious organizations that are struggling with difficult claims and insurance disputes. To contact our team with your questions, you can use the live chat on this page or call us directly. We would be happy to offer a free, no-obligation review session to discuss your situation and how our legal team might be able to help.

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