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How a Texas Insurance Litigation Lawyer Can Help After Condo Vandalism

When you move into a condo complex, do not just assume that your condominium is already insured by the building's master policy and that you don't need to get separate condo insurance. Most condo associations do not cover damages and losses for the interior of your specific condo unit.

What happens if your Texas condo is vandalized?

If you have condo insurance, you will be covered for theft and vandalism to your specific condo. However, if you did not have condo insurance and relied upon the master policy of your condo complex, you most likely will not be covered for damages and losses you sustained.

When theft and vandalism occurs to a condo, there are certain things you need to do, including:
  • Notify the police
  • Notify your insurance company
  • Notify your condominium complex
  • Notify your attorney

A skilled insurance claim attorney can help you file a proper vandalism claim in Texas and help you secure your condo from any further vandalism. If windows were broken, board them up, as it is important to protect your unit from further theft and damages. It is also wise to take photographs and video of the vandalism that your condo suffered. Do not attempt to repair the damage until your insurance company has inspected your condo and your attorney advises you that repairs can begin.

A qualified lawyer will be able to help you get proper estimates to repair the damages, negotiate with your insurance adjuster, and be there for you from start to finish. Call a skilled Texas insurance litigation lawyer at the Voss Law Firm today at 888-614-7730 for a free legal consultation.

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